About Us

Lexington Neighbors for Responsible Growth is a growing group of over 100 residents. We live in many neighborhoods around Lexington, but we are primarily from the residential neighborhoods surrounding the Dana Home property. (Click here to see a map of the distribution of supporters; NOTE the placement of markers does not indicate true addresses of supporters.) We enjoy the close relationships we have with neighbors and friends in this cozy community.

We are citizens united in our concern about the unprecedented request by a developer to create a commercial zone in the middle of a completely residential area. We are also concerned about the seam-busting scope and scale of a 22-room hotel, 54-seat restaurant, 32-seat cocktail lounge, a conference room, offices, and 2 large parking lots in the middle of a residential community.

Our goal with this website is to help others in Lexington understand the full scale and scope of the proposed hotel, restaurant, and lounge complex. We believe inserting a commercial zone into an existing residential neighborhood will adversely affect the neighborhood and the historic, non-commercial Battle Road Corridor.

Please read our latest letter to the Planning Board for a summary of our objections to the project.

If after learning the facts and sharing some of our concerns, we invite you to take action, get involved, and communicate your concerns.

If you’d like more information and want to contribute to our efforts, please send us email at LexProtects@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Lexington Neighbors for Responsible Growth

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I clicked on the About Us like, hoping to learn more about your organization — who are the members? , , , who runs it? , , , from whom has it accepted money? No information of that sort is provided. Please consider adding that information on this page. Without it, the group and this site have a shadowy quality that could be seen as compromising your credibility.

    • Hello Mr. Iverson,
      If you re-visit the site, you’ll see a small list of concerned neighbors that have approved of their names being publicized on the web site. There are others who are less comfortable with posting personal information on the web, so they have asked that we not publish their names.

      Jerry Harris

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